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IBM i Logging for Compliance & SIEM Integration

Logging on the IBM i platform is different than other platforms – logs are stored in many different places in a proprietary IBM format. This presents a challenge for administrators who use a SIEM to monitor their system logs.


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Encryption and Key Management Everywhere Your Data Is

Encryption and key management can be deployed in your data center, as a virtual machine, and now in the cloud as both a virtual machine or cloud HSM. With new options, encrypting data is now easier and more affordable than ever.



Two Factor Authentication on the IBM i

Usernames and passwords are no longer good enough. To protect your sensitive data on your IBM i, you need another layer of security.


Encryption and Key Management for Microsoft SQL Server

Hackers don't break encryption. They find your keys.  The most critical barrier SMB companies face is access to compliance solutions that are affordable.  In this 30-minute webinar, Townsend Security will introduce you to Alliance Key Manager for SQL Server.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

PCI DSS version 2.0 has been announced. Is your organization prepared? NIST Certified encryption and key management solutions help organizations meet PCI compliance requirements. Read more



Strong encryption and comprehensive key management meet compliance requirements in HIPAA. Only NIST certified encryption provides companies with a safe harbor from the breach notification requirement in HITECH. Read more

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Auditor Resources

A special section designed for IT Security and QSA Auditors interested in learning about regulatory compliance on the IBM i.

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“With Alliance Key Manager for AWS I can deploy encryption key management the way I want, and I don’t have to ask anyone in Amazon for help.”

Martin Pagel - CTO / SlimTrader


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Securing SQL Server in the Cloud

Organizations running SQL Server Enterprise edition gain the added benefit of SQL Server transparent data encryption (TDE) and extensible key management (EKM). The encryption capabilities of Enterprise edition enable users to easily encrypt data at the column level of a database, and EKM allows user...