About Townsend Security

Helping Organizations Meet Compliance Requirements

For over 20 years Townsend Security has been committed in working with our customers to drive innovation in the rapidly evolving field of data encryption and management.


Our NIST Certified solutions are guaranteed to meet the encryption and key management requirements in PCI, HIPAA and HITECH.


Townsend Security Office


Townsend Security Office

Data Gets Out

We know that despite a company’s best effort, data gets out, whether you intend it to or not. Business needs require data be sent outside the organization to partners, vendors, customers, etc.  There is always the risk of data getting into the wrong hands because of employee error or malicious attack.


Encrypt It

Encrypting data at the source ensures sensitive data is secure when it is sent outside the firewall. NIST Certified and guaranteed - strong encryption protects sensitive information on the database keeping it safe and complies with regulatory requirements.


Protect It

The data you encrypt is only as secure as the keys that protect it. Encryption key management provides a solid foundation for your data privacy policy. NIST Certified and guaranteed – proper key management puts you in charge of who has access to sensitive data and helps you meet evolving regulatory requirements.


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