Tokenization for IBM PureSystems

Alliance Token Manager for IBM PureSystems

Reduce the Scope and Cost of PCI DSS Compliance Audits

Enterprise customers can greatly reduce or eliminate their compliance exposure by using tokenization – the replacement of sensitive data with a token that has similar characteristics, but no value. Using tokens maintains the data relationships in application systems, eliminates sensitive data from production, test, and QA environments, and provides a much smaller target for data thieves. The use of tokenization by payment vendors can also greatly reduce the data protection responsibility of their merchant customers.

Encryption Key Management IBM PureSystemsTokenization for IBM PureSystems

The Townsend Security Alliance Token Manager is a complete implementation of tokenization including an independent and encrypted repository accessible by any authorized application in the Enterprise. It can be used by Enterprise customers and payment system vendors to provide a secure, scalable repository of tokens. Now Alliance Token Manager is enabled on IBM PureSystems, a new class of expert integrated systems.


Recoverable & Non-Recoverable Tokens

Alliance Token Manager for IBM PureSystems allows users to replace sensitive data with data surrogates (tokens). Administrators can refine on a case-by-case basis whether they want to use recoverable or non-recoverable tokens. A recoverable token allows retrieval of the original sensitive data from an encrypted archive. A non-recoverable token does not store the original sensitive data. By not storing the original card number you eliminate the chance of data theft.


Create Masked Tokens

Alliance Token Manager for IBM PureSystems supports the masking of tokens using the following options: Mask using the last 4 digits, the first 5 digits, the first 6 digits or mask using the first 2 and last 4 digits. This flexibility allows organizations to meet regulatory requirements that allow organizations to retain some parts of the original personally identifiable information.


Deployed In Less Time

IBM PureSystems is the first family of systems offering built-in expertise, integration by design, and simplified experience.  These systems are based on “patterns of expertise” which can dramatically improve the time to value for business with changing needs.  By delivering both simplicity and flexibility in a system with integrated expertise, Alliance Token Manager for PureSystems can be rapidly deployed, meet performance levels that you demand and minimize downtime of the system while still managing cost.


Simplified IT Experience

Alliance Token Manager enabled on IBM PureFlex System includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of workloads. Deployment expertise can accelerate your time to value up to 100 times versus traditional systems. Consolidation and management expertise drives automation to significantly reduce manual processes that consumes too many staff hours. Optimization expertise also allows the infrastructure to flex to unexpected demands without requiring expensive surplus capacity. This system is designed to provide a simplified experience and reduce IT complexity without compromising flexibility.


IBM Power Systems server, any model

IBM i operating system, V5R2 or later

IBM Digital Certificate Manager (no charge) licensed program

IBM 4764 SSL acceleration hardware feature (optional)