Secure TCP Transfer

Alliance Secure TCP for the IBM i

Secure Data in Motion

Provides secure TCP sockets data transfer between the IBM System i and other internal and external platforms. Use strong SSL encryption of TCP sockets applications to protect sensitive data and meet data security compliance regulations. Alliance Secure TCP also supports standard (raw) TCP sockets and UDP communications.

Easily create SSL certificates

You can use no-charge native System i Digital Certificate Manager application to create and distribute SSL certificates. User applications are easy to create and you do not need specialized knowledge of TCP sockets or SSL communications. Alliance Secure TCP makes it easy by using standard System i data queues for your application interface.


Easy integration with remote PC, workstation and Unix applications

Automate the transfer of real-time data using TCP sockets on your IBM i platform. Use a number of pre-configured interfaces to send and receive data with Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM i, and IBM System z platforms. Connections are full duplex and easy to integrate with your RPG or Cobol applications.


Full communications configuration and management functions

Alliance Secure TCP provides menu-based configuration that does not require complex sockets programming. You can use standard configuration programs to define the IP address, port number, and other characteristics of a remote sockets server. Full duplex client and server applications are provided. TCP applications run in a dedicated subsystem environment and automatically handle network failures or service interruptions.


Meet regulatory compliance standards

Alliance Secure TCP provides an option for 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption of the data transferred over a TCP socket. This level of encryption satisfies the security requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and state privacy notification laws.



128-bit SSL/TLS communications

256-bit AES encryption SDK (optional)

Triple DES


Hardware / Software

IBM Power Systems, Any model

IBM i OS/400 V5R2 or later