Web Services

Protect Sensitive Data with Web Services

The IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) platform is used by many organizations for back office application processing. This legacy system from IBM provides a scalable platform for critical applications, but lacks some of the web services integration that customers want. The Townsend Alliance XML/400 product is an ideal solution for web services integration with the IBM i. Customers can deploy web services based on XML with no impact to existing applications, while leveraging the experience of the existing IT team.


Alliance XML/400 includes HTTP and HTTPS web server and client applications, XML transformation using DOM and SAX parsers, data transformation between UTF-8 and UTF-16 and native IBM DB2 data formats, and full integration with the IBM DB2/400 database and application environment. In addition to seamless web services integration, the Alliance XML/400 product includes built-in encryption to protect sensitive data. You can easily meet PCI data security requirements to protect data. Alliance XML/400 makes it easy to implement web services on your IBM i platform.