Protect Customer Information – Protect Your Reputation

Data security with strong encryption

New federal and state regulations make it imperative to encrypt sensitive data in your Enterprise database files. Credit card numbers, social security numbers, PIN codes, and other sensitive information must be encrypted or tokenized to prevent loss or unauthorized use. The Alliance AES Encryption and Tokenization products provide all of the encryption, decryption, tokenization, and key management facilities you need to secure your DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server data.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance Requirements with FIPS 140-2 Certified Key Management

Separate your encryption keys from your protected data with an easy-to-deploy rack-mounted solution, Alliance Key Manager. Alliance Key Manager provides the secure management, storage, and distribution of encryption keys you need for protecting data in motion and data at rest. Applications on any platform (System i, System z, Windows, Linux, Unix.) can securely retrieve encryption keys from Alliance Key Manager. Alliance Key Manager is FIPS-140 certified to guarantee compliance with data security regulations. Request more information about Alliance Key Manager.

Point-of-sale and payment systems

Point-of-sale terminals and processing systems present special challenges for data security. Alliance AES encryption and key management solutions can help you secure your data on the point-of-sale terminal, intermediate servers, and while it moves to your applications servers and payment service provider networks. The complete implementation of the AES encryption specification means no gaps in encryption support for multiple POS vendor systems and payment networks. Your data and encryption keys are secure at every point in the payment processing chain.

Internet file server encryption

When you deploy an FTP server or data sharing server such as Microsoft SharePoint, your sensitive data is exposed after it is transmitted to you, but before you process it into your applications. You can automatically protect sensitive files on the file transfer server with Alliance File Encryption Manager for Windows. Files are automatically encrypted in real time and can then be moved to internal application servers for decryption and processing. Data is protected on your disk and while it moves across your network.

Secure file transfer over the Internet

Securely send and receive files using an Internet connection with Alliance FTP Manager. It provides a cross-platform compatible PGP Command Line 9 encryption method for exchanging sensitive data with customers and vendors, and is deployed by all of the major commercial banks, benefits providers, payroll, and credit companies. Files encrypted on the Enterprise IBM i server with Alliance FTP Manager can be decrypted on UNIX, Windows, IBM System z mainframe, and other platforms. With built-in key management and file compression capabilities Alliance FTP Manager the best solution for your cross-platform transfer needs.

Secure FTP file transfer automation

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the work-horse method of data file transfer within the Enterprise and with outside customers and vendors. Alliance FTP Manager provides the automation, security, and compliance functions you need for your business. With automated processing of files, integration with encryption technologies, archival, and audit trails, you can deploy the most effective solution for FTP automation for your Enterprise server. Alliance FTP Manager supports the Secure SSL FTP (FTPS) and Secure Shell FTP (sFTP) protocols for secure transfer.

XML and web services data exchange

For Internet data exchange the retail industry is rapidly adopting the XML standard for data exchange and web services. Alliance XML/400 provides a complete set of web services and XML translation facilities to fully process XML on your Enterprise. With SharePoint integration you can exchange customer information with systems like RightNow.

401K benefits file transfer

Send and receive 401K benefits information with your plan administrator using the Alliance FTP Manager for secure Internet communications. Sensitive employee information is securely encrypted and decrypted directly for your Enterprise server. No intermediate servers are required for data transport. Alliance FTP Manager provides secure communications, data archival, and audit trails.

Credit reporting

You can retrieve credit reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax in real time with the Alliance Series TCP/IP product. Consolidated reports, FICO scores, and additional information is available in print and data formats depending on the service you chose.